About Maine Open Checkbook

Open Checkbook provides an accountable and more transparent state government.  A website designed to provide Mainers with easy to follow information regarding state government spending. The idea behind Maine Open Checkbook is simple: Every Maine citizen has a right to know how their hard earned tax dollars are spent.

From the Maine Open Checkbook website individuals can search details of state spending, including vendor payments and employee compensation.  Details on vendor payments will be updated regularly and employee compensation, including salary information and benefits, will be updated on an annual basis.

We hope that you find the Maine Open Checkbook a useful tool to see how your taxpayer dollars are being spent. The Maine Open Checkbook website is administered by the Office of the State Controller (OSC) under the direction of the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services. If you have questions about Maine Open Checkbook, please contact OSC Transparency Inquiries at: Transparency_Support@maine.gov.

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What is included in Maine Open Checkbook



This section includes vendor payments for all State Agencies, Branches, Constitutional Offices, Independent Agencies, Boards and Commissions that are funded via the State budget.  Additionally, summary employee compensation by fiscal year, fund type, organization and category for the Executive and Judicial branches is included in this section.  Employee compensation (on a calendar year basis, by employee name) can be found in the Employee Compensation section. This website contains detail transactions which are uploaded to the website monthly.  These transactions have not been audited.  


Employee Compensation


In addition to salary information on a calendar year basis, by employee name, Agency and Payroll Company for the Executive and Judicial branches, employee compensation amounts include benefit amounts paid on behalf of, but not necessarily to, the employee, such as health and dental insurance, retirement, etc.  These benefits have a direct benefit to the employee.  Other payments not directly related to the employee are not included such as retiree health insurance, retirement unfunded actuarial liability and workers compensation.  Employee Compensation transactions are uploaded annually.  For analysis purposes, employee compensation information by fiscal year, fund type, organization and category can be found in the Expenses section.